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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ice Jewelry Coupon

Ladies! Please pay attention. Here’s a chance to add some sparklers in your Spring closet without spending fortunes. Getting ready to walk down the aisle or need new trinkets to amp up your collection, is your destination. Pioneering designer jewelry retailer, ICE is helping fashionistas to shop fancy Spring inspired jewelry while saving some precious pennies.

ice jewelry coupon

From pretty, pastel colors to new captivating cuts, Ice jewelry collection highlights all essence of new season and offers a contemporary take on classic styles. Shop colorful jewelry from this store, as you can save $25 on orders above $200 or more. Pick beautiful jewelry pieces studded with colorful precious gemstones. Stunning ring, necklace, bracelet, earrings, or designer watch will add easy glamor to your party outfit.

If your wedding is on the cards, then store has got simply head-turning collection of engagement rings. Diamond bridal rings, engagement rings & wedding band sets, and more without hurting your budget. At you can pocket 15% discount on select engagement rings order. Whether you are ready to get married or willing to propose her, a stylish designer ring is sure to woe her. Read more...