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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Diamond Dolphin Pendants: So Romantic!!

Nothing says love and romance like diamonds do. These glittering gems have been favored by women worldwide for centuries. It is true that diamond is the most special gift that a man can give to his lady. A diamond jewelry pendant makes ideal gift for every woman on special occasions. Nowadays, diamond jewelery is more affordable than ever, so it is time to buy something special for that special person.

Today, you can find diamond pendants in many alluring designs like heart, butterfly, tear drop, hello kitty, star etc. Dolphin pendants are one of the most famous pendants among them. Pendants that are shaped like dolphins show love and romance. Because dolphins seem to be smiling and happy all the time. There is no other animal that smiles the way they do. Dolphin diamond pendants are cute and wonderful that are definitely going to win billions of hearts.

Have A Look:-

Diamond and a Heart Design in Sterling Silver:

They are joined together in a graceful dance of life and love. This stunning dolphin art pendant necklace is an elegant jewelry design you'll enjoy wearing every day. Handcrafted in solid sterling silver, two beautiful dolphins leap high into air to form a sleek heart-shaped pendant. A genuine solitaire diamond at top of pendant unites these majestic sea creatures.

Diamond and a Heart Design in Sterling Silver
Mother Dolphin Eye Sparkles with Solitaire Diamond:

Beauty and grace of dolphin and magical wonder of sea come to vivid life in this eye-catching sterling silver pendant necklace with dolphin art. As a mother and baby dolphin dance in waves, mother's eye sparkles with a hand-set genuine solitaire diamond!

 Mother Dolphin Eye Sparkles with Solitaire Diamond
Exclusive Dolphin Art Pendant Necklace:

Dolphin artist Christian Riese Lassen captures a magic moment of marine life as 2 dolphins touch noses to "kiss" in a stirring dolphin art pendant necklace. Atop pendant is a shining, colorful genuine heart-shaped Mystic Topaz, nestled between 2 sparkling Swarovski crystals.

Exclusive Dolphin Art Pendant Necklace
While purchasing, be sure to buy high quality diamonds from a reputable store. A big factor in buying decision is style and taste of person who will wear diamond pendant. A dolphin shaped pendants is always considered popular. Most exquisite, longest lasting and precious gift that you can give to your girlfriend is a diamond dolphin pendant. Visit Collectibles Today store for beautiful and eye-catching diamond pendants at affordable prices. Spend less and save more by using Collectibles Today Promotion Code.