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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Look Beautiful with Exotic Jewelry Collection by Mars and Valentine

Modern-Vintage, antique jewelry, cameos, Italian micro mosaics, button castings, Japanese and German antique pressed glass pieces reset in sterling silver, brass and gold with modern embellishments by Mars and Valentine is gorgeous. Some things are just better old especially when they are new like velvet feel of finger worn poker chip, balance of cherished objects with strength and humor of modern design, is heart of Mars and Valentine collection creating intriguing new sensibility.

Mars and Valentine's jewelry collection is accented with semi-precious white topaz, pearl, peridot, blue topaz, pink and green tourmaline, citrine and lemon topaz stones. Bracelets, rings and necklaces adorned with coral and ivory cameos, Italian micro-mosaics, antique watch fob chain bracelets and lots more!

All jewelry pieces are limited edition and one of the best kind among others. Get this elegant collection of Mars and Valentine from very famous Nordstrom store. This collection of fashion jewelry offers chandelier earrings which is popular choice this year. Chandelier earrings give exotic look when paired with simple jeans, heels and T-shirt. Choose multi-colored, stylish stone ring to add bling to outfit and versatility in clothing.

Vibrantly colored designs evoke amusing, extroverted, affectionate personality whereas Contemporary jewelry gives artsy personality. Ethnic designed jewelry evokes bohemian or free spirit personality.

Mars and Valentine 'Jasmine' Statement Bracelet: Pearl cabochons and romantic floral cutouts shape an enchanting handcrafted bracelet.

Mars and Valentine 'Jasmine' Statement BraceletOriginal price of Jasmine Statement Bracelet at Nordstrom is $595.00 but now you can have it for $394.90 and save 33%.

Mars and Valentine 'Cirrus' Statement Ring
: Sky-blue stone makes a dazzling setting on a handcrafted statement ring. Original price of Cirrus Statement Ring at Nordstrom is $225.00 but now you can have it for $149.90 and save 33%.

Mars and Valentine 'Cirrus' Statement Ring

Mars and Valentine 'Orpheus' Necklace: Twisted strands of freshwater pearls hold a gorgeously detailed pendant textured with floral carvings and radiant Austrian glass.

Mars and Valentine 'Orpheus' Necklace
Original price of Orpheus Necklace at Nordstrom is $398.00 but now you can have it for $265.90 and save 33%.

Statement or fashion jewelry is great way to enhance wardrobe as well as to integrate top fashion trends into wardrobe. Get these exotic jewelry pieces from Nordstrom store at discounted prices by using Nordstrom promotion code available at