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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bold and Colorful Turquoise jewelry for this season!!

Turquoise is birthstone for Sagittarius, and it is also a anniversary gemstone for 5th and 11th year of marriage. Turquoise gemstone jewelry is a popular fashion trend these days. This jewelry come in sky blue and sea green color. Turquoise consists of chemical elements copper, aluminum, phosphorus, hydrogen and oxygen in form of water.

Today, this beautiful turquoise stone is used in making fashionable jewelry for women. Women love to wear turquoise jewelry in summer because it is bold and colorful. You can find alluring necklaces & pendants, bangles, big earrings, bold rings and much more stuff in turquoise jewelry. This gemstone is very soft textured gem so keep it away from scratches and cracks.

Have a look at some beautiful deals of Turquoise jewelry:-

Turquoise Sorrento Pendant Necklace:

A sky blue genuine turquoise stone is set in a Mediterranean inspired sterling bezel with elaborate side bronze clover details. The bail is accented with a bronze clover design. Genuine turquoise beads comprise necklace, with a few turquoise beads carved to mimic clover detail. Get this item for $132.50.

Turquoise Sorrento Pendant Necklace
Turquoise Clover Cross Earring:

Sterling clovers are intricately patterned with Mediterranean inspired bronze details, then centered with sky blue genuine turquoise. Measurement of earring is approximately 1.75” long, including wire. Selling price of these earrings is just $30.00.

Turquoise Clover Cross Earring
Turquoise Cross Sorrento Link Bracelet:

Sky blue genuine turquoise stones are set in Mediterranean inspired sterling bezels linked with touches of bronze. A decorative toggle is closure. Measurement of this exquisite bracelet is 7.75”. Get this beautiful piece for just $49.00.

Turquoise Cross Sorrento Link Bracelet
Turquoise Sorrento Ring:

A sky blue genuine turquoise stone is set in a Mediterranean inspired sterling bezel with elaborate side bronze clover details. Turquoise clovers further embellish sides. This ring sits up almost ¾” from base and is for a woman who loves large rings! Top is 1.25” across. Get this cute ring for $61.00.

Turquoise Sorrento Ring
It is also recommended that this jewelry is only for special occasions. Turquoise jewelry add charms and beauty to wearer's personality. Today, almost all celebrities are fascinated by appeal and charm of turquoise jewelry. You can see big celebrities, rock-stars, TV stars with this luxurious jewelry. Just imagine how beautiful it will look if you wear blue necklace coupled with your blue & green dress.

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